Working Method

After your enquiry an appointment will be made for an initial consultation. The purpose of this consultation is to discuss your issues and think with you about how best to proceed in your circumstances. If I determine that your problems are not suitable for short-term therapy or I think that a different approach or specialist is needed, I will of course discuss this with you and direct you to an alternate service if you wish.

After the initial consultation we will formulate a short treatment plan including a summary of your issues, your diagnosis and the goal(s) of your treatment. We can use this treatment plan to evaluate your goal(s) or to reformulate your goals.

A 'BasisGGZ' treatment is easily accessible and is suited for problems that are not severe and are expected to profit from short-term treatment. However, in order for your treatment to be covered by your healthcare insurance your problems need to fit into the criteria of a DSM classification/diagnosis. If this is not the case, I can still treat you but your insurance will not cover the costs. Please pay attention that relationship difficulties, adjustment disorders and specific phobia's are not covered by your insurance.

The likely number of sessions needed is usually between 5 and 12 depending on the nature and the intensity of your problems and your expectations or goal(s). The frequency is determined by clinical need but is usually once in a week or every other week.